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  • Be honest: how well is your website performing?

  • How often is your blog bringing new customers in the door?

  • How well are you standing out in all the natural health noise?

Services I Offer

Data & Research

Need science-based, research-driven health or wellness content that doesn't bore your audience to tears? Or R&D help for the dietary supplement your team is working on? As a clinical nutrition doctor who is equal parts biochemistry nerd, prose junkie, dogma-neutral foodie, and holistic health advocate, I can pivot on a dime. Check out my portfolio for recent examples of how I help my clients.

Recipe Development

Why do some recipes just work while others are hit-or-miss? There is an art to writing good recipes that goes unnoticed unless it’s wrong. Whether you have a product you’d like to showcase or are looking to draw eyeballs to your blog, I’ll find the balance between your company’s philosophy and character and the desires, expectations, and attention span of your target audience.

Long-Form Blog Posts

When it comes to keeping Google happy, longer is better. Cursory posts from content mills are a dime a dozen and do nothing to improve your company's bottom line. Worse, they've been known to drive people away. With wellness copy that simultaneously educates, captivates, entertains, and informs, I'll help you painlessly and efficiently establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Full Website Copy

Struggling to clarify your brand and articulate your unique offering? If your website copy is unclear and doesn’t help people find you, you’re missing out on big opportunities and sales. I’ll start from scratch and write a full site of high-converting copy that sounds like you, streamlines your content, and articulates your message so your audience hears it.

Editing & Proofreading

This service is for you if your health and wellness content is already written and interesting but needs a bit of cleaning up in order to be engaging, error-free, and human-friendly. I'm wired to spot typos, inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and gaps in the written word and I'd love to help you polish your copy so you can shine like the star you are.

Ghostwritten Articles

If you want to rocket to professional superstardom, you already know the effect of getting your name into print. I can provide you with a high-quality, highly-specialized ghostwritten article for submission to trade or mainstream outlets. My doctoral-level expertise in the food,  nutrition, and health arena = a top-notch deliverable. 


Blog Packages

You know that task you hate to do, coming up with relevant ideas week after week, then spending an entire day or two researching and writing them up in an informative-yet-accessible way? Well, I love it. Let me turn your blog into a strong marketing tool.

Single Article

Attract Customers

Blogging about your area of expertise is a great way to increase your visitors and better connect with your target audience. 


/ 1,000 words

Cluster Content

Marketing Powerhouse

1 pillar post (2,500 words) + 5 cluster topic posts (1,000 words). Not sure what cluster content is and how it can help your SEO? Read about it here.


per cluster

Need something other than blogging? Take a look

at my full fee schedule in this PDF document.

Monthly Retainer

Suitable for Your Needs

Timely and consistent content with subscription-based pricing based on your needs, your topics, your audience, and in your brand's voice. 


You've got a mission. Let's nail it.

Interested in customized services? Let me know what you have in mind and I'll get back to you super-fast with a no-nonsense quote, no strings attached.

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